Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Somebody shared this recently:
If there's a time for everything, then now is not the time for everything.


  1. Short, sweet interesting and to the point.

  2. Thanks Margaret. ...What inspired me to write about learning from others was new moms and seeing and remembering that it is hard sometimes when you are doing so many things for the first time. As for the youth girls...wouldn't it be great to have like prayer sisters between the married and the youth. I enjoy the youth very much and think they have been such a blessing! So really I think we could all learn from you too. But to be honest, I have sometimes felt that some youth have no interest in talking to us ol folks. lol. Many won't even say hi unless you do(maybe we scary)I think there just needs to be a start though.
    I wish I had known what you now know, when I was your age, but I didn't. It seems like only yesterday!

  3. Amen! Too often I try to do too much right now. Learning to trust the Lord with everything is quite difficult.

    BTW, I really like your picture! You're so pretty. :)

    Thanks so much for reading my blog. I've been praying for you. May God bless you!

  4. Maria Pauline: I'm glad somebody thinks I'm pretty. Thanks for the compliment and all your prayers. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

  5. Hey Margaret,
    Haha, I love that quote. how true!

    Thank you for your insight on my post regrading my Christianity and Calvinism! From your comment, I assume you may not have had a good confrontation with Calvinists in the past. Well, I can assure you I'm not going to shove it into you. :) That is neither humble nor meek. But in the time to come, I hope to explain why it makes all the sense in the world to me. Thank you again for visiting my meager blog, it is so encouraging to me!

    I repeat: I am a Christian before I am a Calvinist... and Calvinism makes sense to me, just because, as Spurgeon said, it's "Biblical Christianity".

    God bless you! :)

  6. Hi Margaret,

    My name is Alex. I am a Christian as you are too. You commented on my Blog so I wanted to say hello. Thanks for the comment and things.


  7. Hallo Margaret...
    The Quote is true...
    Wisdom is not about everything, except this one, that: Fear God by doing the right things in the RIGHT TIME.

    (ask permission for link..)