Monday, 9 June 2008

Have You Given Up Your Supper?

Say what? No I'm not talking about steaks or barbecued chicken. Let me explain. I was thinking about something a few days ago and I wanted a Bible story to use for something. Somehow, I kept thinking about the feeding of the five thousand but I didn't know how I could get a lesson out of it. Then I remembered the boy who gave the five barley loaves and two small fish. Logically speaking, it's impossible that this is sufficient amount for the multitude. Even the disciples who walked with Jesus said this. Nevertheless, this boy gave it, Jesus blessed it and everyone was filled. Jesus took that small amount and used it in a big way. So my question is have you given up your supper? This could be anything: your time, resources, talents, whatever it may be. It may be small and you may think it will hardly make any difference to this world but if you give it to Jesus, He can bless it and use it in a big way. I also noticed that this boy was kind of forgotten later on and he's actually only mentioned in the Gospel of John chapter 6. This tells us that we may not get a whole lot of recognition for what we do but that's okay because then God gets the glory and it will be of Him that we will receive our reward and a much bigger reward than man can give.

Yesterday, we had an amazing day. Our Sunday school lesson was great, along with the message and we had two girls get baptized. I could go into detail of what I all learned but that would just take way too long today. In the afternoon, our youth went to Spencer Gorge and so I'll post a few pictures. After we were done walking the trails, a big thunderstorm came in and we were battling heavy rains and strong winds on ride home, but it was beautiful.

Another small waterfall we found.
We took this trail by the train tracks at the bottom of the Dundas Peak. We found this "shortcut" going to the top. It was an extremely steep trail going up that was pretty much just loose rock and rubble. Now, I'm not a very "sportsy" or athletic person but I agreed because I thought it was just a little ways. We ended up climbing right to the top up the front of the cliff. Never doing that again! I wasn't about to slide all the way down halfway up so just don't look down and keep going.

And the view from up top. Yes
those are the same train tracks from about twenty minutes ago.

And the storm we had afterwards.

Oh, the joys of exploring the Niagara Escarpment! Sorry, I'm not very good at organizing pictures so this is a bit of a jumbled post. Blessings!


  1. Great pictures and a great spot! I've explored Spencer's Gorge a few times. You'll have to hike to the bottom of Tew's Falls sometime. :)

  2. Isaac:
    Yeah, Christina told me you've been there a few times. I think we were at Tew's Falls. Which one is that again? I think I have a few pictures of it. How was your weekend in Michigan?

  3. Wow! Those are some great pics!

  4. The waterfall you have a picture of is Webster's Falls. It's about 80 feet high or so. Tew's Fall's is a half hour hike from Webster's if you take the trail on top of the escarpment. It's about 140 feet high, but only about 25 feet wide or so. The trail to the bottom takes about an hour or more, but it's quite beautiful.

    We had an awesome trip to Michigan. :D We canoed 18 miles, the last six in pouring rain. Very invigorating, and very memorable. :)

  5. Yeah, I didn't post the pictures of Tew's Falls but I did get a few. We just saw it from up top.

    You're somewhat more adventurous than I am. Canoing in pouring rain? We would have liked to cool off in the rain but we didn't want to get soaking wet into our cars. When we left, there were still a couple of people coming back in the rain.

  6. Cool pictures! It looks as though you have some skill with a camera. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Those are really good pictures! And that was a really good post. You're so perceptive!
    Just wondering: what are your views on music (you posted a comment on Life Savior that your views were different)?

  8. who was baptized? We weren't able to come Sunday.