Thursday, 5 June 2008

What Do You Think?

I had shared something a few months back about my next hard thing. I started it but when I got busier, I dropped it. This week someone came to me who felt that I was stopping myself from doing hard things and therefore wasn't being true to myself and to God's will. He also felt that it was really needed and many could benefit from it. I thought about it and realized that I was limiting what God was able to do through me. The only problem is, to me it's seemingly impossible right now. Maybe in a few years when I'm done school and have more time, yes, but not now. Then again, I knew God had a surprise waiting for me. I think it was just last week I was telling somebody that nothing was too hard and wadda ya know, here am I saying it's impossible. I really need to start to "practice what I preach." Now, I've been praying about it and it's looking like He wants me to do this. I hardly know what to do...

Question: Is there a difference between working around obstacles and forcing open a closed door? I have many opportunities come up but the way isn't clear and I wonder if it's really worth the trouble to make it work out. So I give up pretty quick and conclude that it must not be God's will. So can you work out things that are in the way without forcing open a door?

I want to be obedient to God's will but I'm really not sure how everything's gonna work out right now. Anyway I have lots of things to do but I'm hoping to be back early next week. Blessings!


  1. God's will is a very tricky subject. Could you define "God's will"?


  2. Kole is right, it is a tricky subject.

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  4. God gives one of three answers, yes, no, or stand still. God might just want you to stand still.

    Just keep praying that God will open you eyes to what he wants you to do.

  5. I've tried forcing some things and then they don't work out. I think that God was keeping them from happening. One time my husband and I borrowed money to buy a business. We didn't even pray about it, but we thought it was right and we were determined to make it happen. It failed. We weren't in prayer about it and we shouldn't have borrowed the money. Not having the money should have been obvious to us.

    Since then, we've learned that following God's will involves prayer. I think that God also leads by whether He provides the money or not. So, it must be really hard for wealthy Christians to follow His will.

    If it is His will then He will give you a desire, maybe even a passion. And it won't go away. Sometime I get all excited about doing something, but then a month later the excitement is gone and I don't really want to do it. And He will probably give you a peace about it. Plus it will work out.

    Another thing that I've learned is that God will make me wait on things until the time is just right. Maybe he wants me to grow more spiritually first or maybe he has different plans. Because we can only do so much, so we better be doing what He really wants us to do.

  6. Hi Margaret!
    I just stumbled across your blog and thought I would say Hi. I agree with what cj said, you might just need to stand still and wait.

    Have a great day!