Wednesday, 16 January 2008


What is our life? It is a vapour in the wind, here today and gone tomorrow. How do we live it? Now that's the ultimate question. Do we live it realizing how short it is, living everyday as if it were our last, always ready to see our Saviour, remembering that he's coming quickly. Are we too busy making plans for the future that we forget the present? What if God never grants you the future or decides to take you tomorrow? When you're older, do want to look back on your younger years with regrets? Live to be a blessing, an encouragment, choosing every word carefully, and avoid vanity. Live to honour and glorify God, seek his will for today, not five or ten years down the road. Strive to become more like Jesus, joyfully inviting trials and temptations in your life, even if they may be hard.

I'm encouraged by what Jim Elliot said:

"Wherever you are - be there 100%."

There is so much truth to that! Do everything as unto the Lord, knowing that of him, you shall receive your reward.

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