Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Quick Post

Since you're probably all wondering where I've been I decided to pop in for a quick post. Short at that for many reasons. I started Driver's Ed this week which is not bad but it feels really wierd after not being in a classroom with a bunch of high school kids in over a year. Alex and Brett over at the Rebelution nearly made me cry after reading their last blog post about five minutes ago on cereal. Had I been there in person I could have screamed at them for at least five minutes but you'll all have to go check that out for yourselves. I read this week in Proverbs that before honour is humility and I've been meditating on that. And there's all the chemistry that I'm not doing which is why I have to make this quick and I'll be going right!


  1. Thanks! I will tell Jamie yet.
    We are at peace with what happened with David, but won't forget. We watched him suffer a lot yet so for God to take him was the best thing for him. We actually had to babies that passed away. (Aaron jr. would be 12 on June 22nd... 11 months older than Jamie)

  2. I read that post, I thought it was hilarious!


  3. I did that last fall... With a bunch of high school students. It helped that two of my homeschooled friends were also in the class. The toughest part was the day I was a little early so all the students were still there and the teacher had called in sick but no one told the homeschoolers.

  4. When I saw the title of the Rebelution post I almost had a heart attack!


  5. I bet you'll be glad when Chemistry is over. Not much longer and it will be summer break.