Monday, 28 April 2008

The Lord is Good!

The Lord is good. I could recite Psalm 145 to describe this but I won't. Can I magnify Him for what He has done in my life? Absolutely. Can I begin to describe His goodness? That's somewhat more difficult. I was asked yesterday why I loved Jesus. I considered answering that it was because He first loved me. But that just doesn't say enough. When I consider what He has done for me, how He suffered and died to pardon me from my sin, what do I owe Him? My life, my love, my full devotion and adoration. But I know that. What do I really owe Him? To extend the same measure of love to others that He has extended to me. This is what I owe Him along with my life and this is the best testimony that I have Christ living in me: the love I extend to others. It will not always be easy. It wasn't easy for Christ to die for us. Nevertheless, this is what we owe Him.

So that's my random meditation for today and God bless you as you continue to have sweet fellowship with Him.


  1. Thank you for encouraging me to extend love to everyone, even my enemies. -cj

  2. About the book, ''what Jesus demands from the world.''It dramatically changed my perspective on Jesus, and opened my eyes to things I would've never thought of before. I highly recommend it. -cj

  3. Lucky for us, we will have eteurnity to thank and praise him for what he's done for us!


  4. And thank God that he doesn't require us to love like Jesus loved! It'd be impossible!