Saturday, 12 April 2008

I'm Back

Sorry, I've been trying to get a post in all week but something kept coming up. I feel like I've had a really busy week but gotten little accomplished. And yet, I've learned a lot. Mainly that I have to be completely dependent on God in all things. Also, the importance of diligently working at the task right in front of me. Some of you may know the feeling; we have a great vision and great things we want to accomplish and here we are inching along not really getting anywhere. But at the same time we're making great progress. We are preparing for great things. We are taking small steps toward the goal but they are very necessary. Things don't happen overnight. We can't expect to wake up one morning and have our greatest dreams fall in our lap.

One of my dreams is to one day serve in Ghana and here I am dragging through my schoolwork, trying to do other things to keep moving. But if I can't be faithful in the small mission fields God has placed me in, I won't be faithful in the big ones later. I've noticed this week that I'm really in a mission training ground. It's easy to get discouraged and discontent with the small hard things we're doing but they are extremely important. Our calling is to seek, serve, love, and learn more about Jesus, to seek His favour and for that we will have great rewards.


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  1. Margaret,

    Your thoughts are so encouraging to me because you always relate to my life! I have so many of the same struggles and desires and really enjoy your perspective.

    Maria Pauline