Monday, 3 October 2011

Courageous Review

I went to see "Courageous" yesterday afternoon.  It was about time.  I had been hearing about this movie for nearly two years and had people asking me about it frequently recently, thinking it was already out on DVD.  I didn't think they would play it in Canada, since none of Sherwood's previous films had so far.  But "Courageous" did come to Canada, and I drove an hour with some friends to see it.  Was it worth it?  Yes!

This story was based around four police officers, who through tragedy, make a resolution to be the men and fathers that God has called them to be.  There's another family involved as well, which I appreciated.  It gave the story more depth.  I also appreciated the fact that the men all had different family backgrounds and their stories ended differently, making it more realistic.  It wasn't a movie about five guys signing a Resolution and it all being smooth sailing thereon in.  It showed it for the tough stuff it really was.  They touched on a lot of different topics in the movie, but I never got the sense that it was too much.  The film also contained a salvation message, but it was worked into the story better than in their previous film.  In "Fireproof", I kind of felt like they stopped the story for a minute to preach a salvation message, which, don't get me wrong, was good, but could have been done better.  Overall, "Courageous" was a good story, filled with action, humour, and tear jerking moments.

I had determined before going to see this movie to pack tissues in my purse.  And sitting in the theatre just before it started, I remembered I had forgotten.  I could have used them.  I was a very emotional movie, but it also contained some great humour and I enjoyed the best, although most painful laugh I had had in a long time.

On the downside, the acting in some scenes was a little weak but it had a good script.  There's nothing worse than watching a low-budget Christian film with bad acting and a bad script.  Also, I found that in some places, the mood changed too abruptly.  I wished at times they would have given us a little more time to enjoy the happy moments.  Probably, one of my greatest disappointments was the fact that they left the "theme song," if you will right until the end of the credits.  Casting Crowns wrote the song "Courageous" for the movie, and it's an excellent song, but many people don't stick around to the end of the credits to actually hear it!  Here are some of my favourite lines of the song that apply to all of us:

"The only way we'll ever stand
Is on our knees with lifted hands"

"In the war of my mind
I will take my stand
In the battle of my heart
And the battle of the hand"

No, this wasn't a movie directed at me.  It was a movie mainly about fathers, but I believe there's something in there for everyone.  I walked away thinking about areas in my own life I need to work on, areas where I need to strive for more honour and godliness.  It made me want to hold out for a godly, courageous man and to be deserving of him.  It made me want to pray more consistently for my future husband, that God would prepare him to be that courageous leader of our home.  Frankly, we all need to be courageous.  We all need to take back the fight in some area of our life.  I know I do. 

If you haven't seen "Courageous", I would encourage you to go see it.  If you don't want to spend the money, wait til it's out on DVD.  It makes a good family movie, although some of the action and themes may be too intense for your young children.  Either way, it's a film we can all benefit from in some way.  Now I'm ready to see Sherwood make a movie for the women.

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