Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Christian Singing for Queen?

Marc Martel has finally made the news!  The lead singer of Canadian Christian band Downhere has loads of talent, and I've enjoyed a lot of Downhere's music for several years. (I say a lot because there's next to no artists of whom I can say I like all their music.) The band started at a Bible school in Saskatchewan, brings a unique style to Christian music, and has been active for the past 10 years.

Many fans have thought Marc Martel sounded a lot like Freddie Mercury of Queen, and so now Marc decided to audition for a Queen cover band recently.  His "Somebody to Love" audition went up on Youtube last Tuesday and in one week, it has gotten nearly 3 million views.  I don't listen to Queen, but I must say he sings it very well.  I don't have to hear an original to know that.

Now, as I said, Marc's talent isn't news to me.  He has sung several different styles of music and I was long ago introduced to his cover of the Bohemian Rhapsody on Youtube, which I admit I enjoyed for his talent, not because I care for the style.  He's also done excellent covers of a couple of Keith Green's songs and performed the opera piece "Nessun Dorma".

So, he sings Christian stuff, opera, and songs by Queen.  That's an interesting combination and he's doing it well, in my opinion.  But I'm sure there's a crowd of Christians expressing their disappointment or horror.  How can a Christian sing songs by Queen?  How could that possibly glorify God?  I mean, have you heard some of Freddie's lyrics?  Some may say that listening to it is bad enough, and now he wants to be part of a cover band?

It could be very controversial.  Would I do it or recommend it?  No, I wouldn't and I won't expect you to listen to it. But I appreciate talent when I see it, and through a lot of hard work, Marc has done some amazing stuff with his voice.  I've enjoyed a lot of Downhere's music, and I will continue to do so.  You should check it out.  Some of my favourite songs by them are "Calmer of the Storm", "So Blue", "Great Are You", "Not About Wings", and "Unbelievable".  Enjoy!

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