Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lighted Lamp Magazine

So, I have something to tell that I'm excited about. There's a new teen e-magazine out, to encourage young people in their walk with the Lord called Lighted Lamp Magazine. I think things like this are great. They give us an opportunity to share and learn from each other and spur each other on for the kingdom. It allows teens to use their God-given gifts to express themselves and bring glory to Him.

This is also the first time I have gotten an article published in a magazine. It's a nice step up from this blog, although the thought of a lot of people reading what I have to say is almost frightening. But I thank God for this new opportunity and look forward to writing more articles for Lighted Lamp.

The magazine will be published on a monthly basis and you can find the very first issue here! I hope you will all be blessed as I was. And for those of you who have moved past the teen years, I trust that you will also greatly benefit from it.

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