Thursday, 30 December 2010

Reflections of 2010

Another year has come and gone and I've been brought again to a time of reflection. When I started this year, I had no clue what it would hold, but I didn't think I would still be where I am right now. I still work at the same job as I did a year ago, only I have more hours now. I still haven't upgraded my education or pursued a different career, and that's not in my immediate plans either. I'm still single and will still likely be so for awhile, which I'm okay with. But at the same time, I must say I'm a different person.

This year has stretched me in incredible ways. At times, it's been so hard I feared I was near the point of breaking. I think it was this spring, that I for the first time experienced a real longing for heaven, for the trials of this life to be over. I have wrestled between my will and surrendering to God's will for my life. I have wondered what it is God would have me do with my life. I have wrestled with my faith and asked many questions. I have seen people I care about going through loss and heartache.

But amidst all the pain and tears, God has given me joy and hope. He has stood faithfully by my side, even when I haven't been so faithful. I have learned to delight in simple things. I'm learning to be open with who I am and what I believe, without being overly concerned about what people will think. God has given me new opportunities and I have seen him work great things in the lives of others. I have shed tears in hard times, but I have also shed tears when I've been overwhelmed with His goodness. He has carried me through and I'm thankful for that.

It's funny that I'm left once again pondering what the next year of my life will hold. I don't know. (I've heard that's the beginning of wisdom, to be able to say "I don't know.") I do know that God has called me to serve Him faithfully where I am and demonstrate His love to the people around me. Where there's new opportunities, I can jump and say "Ooh, pick me!" Whatever it holds, my desire is to grow, make a difference, and enjoy the life that God has given me.

As you embark on a new year, my prayer is that you would walk with the Lord, grow in love and faith, make a difference and delight in the life you have. God bless you!

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  1. It's all so true. Each year is a history of it's own, and God has proven Himself faithful every time! Happy New Year to you too!