Monday, 8 November 2010

Prioritizing Life

If you're anything like me, you're bad with priorities. Life is busy, there's too much to do (or too much you want to do) and not enough time. How do you know what comes first or how to juggle everything?

Okay, so in comparison to many people, my idea of a busy life is a joke. I like things to be fairly relaxed and I get frazzled easily. Even in the midst of work, church, home life, family, etc., I still have an amount of spare time on my hands that many would consider a luxury. The problem is, there's so much I want to do in that spare time.

As we speak, I have a couple stacks of books in my room waiting to be read. In fact, I was able to get 6 books for $3 today at thrift store. I could go crazy in their book section. I work in an awesome store, but I still can't do that there. I have more lists of things I want to read and actually study. There's all kinds of other things I would love to do, things I want to cook, bake, stuff I want to learn to do.

So here's the thing: what comes first? How do your prioritize your life? Of course, my responsibilities should always be of utmost importance. I have a job, I help carry the load of keeping a home in order and running. Church is not something you should neglect. Meeting together regularly for worship and study is important. That doesn't mean I make it to every Bible study, prayer meeting or other event at church, but I do when I can (and feel up for it.)

As a Christian, God is supposed to be our #1 in life. But what exactly does that even mean? (Wait, what does prioritizing even mean?) If Jesus is number one, does that mean all my waking hours have to be devoted to prayer and study, every spare moment has to be devoted to worship and serving others? Having thought about this, my answer is no. Christ can still be our main priority and the central focus of our life without all of our activity being explicitly Christian.
The truth is, we can honour God in all our daily activities. Christ can be the main focus of our life, and we can still enjoy recreational activities. At least that's what I think.

How did that just explain how to determine what comes first, or how to spend our spare time? I have no idea. It didn't. The truth is, I don't know how your prioritize recreational activities or wants. Perhaps it has to do with what is a greater benefit to your relationship with God, others or yourself. Perhaps it's determined by finances, education or usefulness. I don't know.

Life is all about choosing one thing over another. Something must always be given precedence in every situation. Decisions have to be made. My words of wisdom: Choose wisely. Use well the short time you have been given. Love and honour the Lord, put others before yourself (your life is not about yourself), and then enjoy that free time God gives you as you see fit.

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