Thursday, 21 October 2010

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

I'm finally back! I know my inconsistency must get irritating, but I've been thinking through possible posts and just wasn't satisfied with anything. So this one will be kind of random once again. My life has been nothing short of busy this past month, which can be difficult and stressful, but also something I'm learning to enjoy.

I've been reflecting on this year and have had a lot of things to think through. It has not been easy at all. At times I wondered if I could handle any more, but God sustained me through every step. Illness and death has touched the lives of people close to me and seeing their grief and pain is so hard. I've fought a lot of inner turmoil, questions, doubts and fears and my faith has been stretched.

Nevertheless, I've seen God do some incredible things and I'm seeing Him do incredible things as we speak. I have learned to hope and find joy and laughter in the small, simple things. The adorable facial expressions or witty remarks of a child. Mindlessly insulting myself and accidentally offending someone else. (That was a good one!) Laughing when things go badly, but still hilariously, wrong. Listening to a young person excitedly speak of the Lord's working in their life or tell me of all their dreams, hopes, plans, and desires. Sharing special moments with special friends. Feeling the sun on my face and the wind at my back. Seeing the leaves change gorgeous, warm colours. Knowing I made a customer at work happy. Savouring a meal or dessert, and if you know me, you know how much I love that. Being giddy with excitement for no explainable reason and hearing God laugh with me. Oh, if only we could have a greater spirit of gratitude and rejoice in the small, delightful pleasures God grants us each and every day!

Otherwise, I'm learning to enjoy this season of my life right now. Or trying to, at least. I only have it once, and its gifts can only be enjoyed while I have it. I must learn to trust in God's protection and plans for my life. They are amazing and I can experience all of the wonderful things He has for me if I only surrender to His will and control.

I've also been enjoying some more reading, which I try to keep balanced. I'm working my way through the Legends of the Guardian King books and have been enjoying a lot of the great spiritual substance along with the story of a man fighting for what is good and right, clinging to and surrendering to the Light in the most impossible circumstances. At the same time, I've read books on business ideas, singleness and I actually started reading a devotional that I surprisingly like. I have a bit of a wary opinion of many devotionals, but when I discovered One Year Devotions for People of Purpose by Charles Colson, I knew I would like it. Each day, I'm learning about a new person, book, cultural issue, historical event or ways to impact the world around me. Thus far, I have read about William Wilberforce, Dr. Ben Carson, homosexuality, marriage, Harry Potter and other things related to books, film, music and ideas. It's been great so far and definitely one I would recommend.

My encouragement to you today is to rejoice in the little things. Learn to love, laugh and find delight in the simple things God sends your way. Make the most of every situation. Stop stressing over the business of life and dive in and enjoy what you're doing. And then. . . .take time to curl up with blanket, book, coffee and something sweet! :)


  1. Love it. Completely true. Rejoice completely. It's good to laugh at life! *hugs*

  2. Love it. Completely true. Rejoice completely. It's good to laugh at life! *hugs*