Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Coming Up!

I haven't been here in a couple weeks but I'm here to explain why and give you all a peek of what's coming.  I have been hurting spiritually for quite some time.  For a long time it felt like I was living in defeat, unable to overcome sin, and it seemed no matter how much I prayed, things wouldn't get better.  My spiritual tank was running dry and I was wondering where that left me and this blog.  I'm not here to share the story of a quitter though.

Several days ago, I sensed God leading me to put all my other studies on the shelf (not knowing for how long), take down my copy of Wrestling Prayer by Eric and Leslie Ludy and just focus on my spiritual life for awhile.  And God has blessed me in some amazing ways already in this brief time, through the aforementioned book, through His Word and through some great friends who have walked with and counseled me.  My life is not perfect now and it never will be.  But I have experienced the nearness of God and His power in this time.

Although I didn't intend to write in this time, God has shown me so much, I couldn't help but write and it seems it would be wrong not to share it with you.  I'm not sure what I will all discover yet through this experience, but in the coming days, you can expect articles on overcoming sin, temptation, and dreams.  My hope is that I can share something with readers that will inspire you to take the often difficult but rewarding steps in their Christian walk.

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