Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

If you're somebody who cooks a lot, you may very well know that often you're in terrible need of some inspiration. Sometimes you just get stuck. Even flipping through cookbooks doesn't help. So, today I will introduce you to something new. It's a wonderful website called Tammy'

What I really like about this site is the way recipes are organized and the fact that there are pictures, ratings and reviews of everything, and there's new items being added regularly. It also features a blog where she shares kitchen tips, menu planning, fun she has in the kitchen with her children and much more. I've been able to try some recipes and have been very pleased with a lot the results. It's definitely worth checking out.

I do apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I hope to get some more in depth posts up soon. Until then, God bless!

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