Friday, 1 May 2015

What Did I Do?: Two Weeks Fast

Busy life continues so I'm summing up two weeks for my readers very fast.

April 16: I tried an insanity cardio workout, tried doing some crazy thing with my cheeks, and learned that tomatoes will stain countertops if you leave them sitting there for awhile. Oops. But I'm wondering if I learned that last one on April 17th, because I don't have anything written down for that day. And I don't remember.

April 17: I'm not sure what happened. Maybe I failed. I don't know.

April 18: I ate key lime greek yogurt straight out of the tub. This is what happens when I'm really hungry and in need of a break. I ate my first fresh cut fries this year. Also, Jonathon Crombie, the actor who played Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables died.

April 19: I tried a new chest and tricep workout, learned how to play "Be Unto Your Name" on my flute, and worked on Christina Perri's "One Thousand Years".

April 20: I learned the "Pepsi, Coke, 7 Up" breathing technique in swim class, so now I know what that's all about and it makes breathing a lot easier. I also visited some friends and had some of the best homemade chocolate ever!

April 21: I tried a chocolate banana cookie and endeavoured to clean and unclog a Nescafe beverage
machine with next to no idea what I was doing.

April 22: I ate garlic bread for breakfast. And I tried a little bit of mudding.

April 23: It was World Book Day, and I tried Pollo Asado. Yummy.

April 24: I learned what a crane fly was and tried sauerkraut on my smoked sausage bun. There's a first time for everything, and that was also a last.

April 25: Lissome means "nimble or easily flexed".

April 26: Rococo is a hilarious work and it means "excessively ornate or intricate."

April 27: I tried using pull buoys in swim class to isolate my stroke. This was interesting and took some getting used to. It did help me deal with what to do when I flip over in the water.

April 28: I tried kefir for the first time. I wasn't quite brave enough for plain kefir, so I bought a mango coconut flavour. I drank a little straight and this would certainly take a little getting used to. A lot of stuff that's good for me does.

April 29: I tried the Cherrios Effect. It doesn't work in almond milk. If anything, the cherrios repel each other. They do gravitate to each other in regular dairy milk, but it takes patience. And a little nudging and encouragement, cause I don't have that much patience. And enough milk in the bowl to make sure they really float.

The End.

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