Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Calling All Fiction Lovers

Lately, I've had little time for reading or writing, and thus the content of my blog has been lacking. But, that doesn't mean I'm not discovering new things, books, sites, blogs, etc. I discover way more than I can keep up with. I know of enough to keep me busy for a lifetime.

One of the recent sites I've gotten excited about is Speculative Faith. It's a site for writers and readers who love Christian visionary fiction. There's new articles every day covering a host of subjects. I first discovered it through a link posted on Facebook by author Rachel Starr Thomson, author of the Seventh World Trilogy (which is really good by the way), among other things. She's just finished writing a review on Speculative Faith on the latest book in The Auralia Thread series by Jeffrey Overstreet, which I'm looking forward to reading.

I haven't had time to read articles on this site every day, but I love what I have found. It definitely caters to my interest in the fantasy genre. There's been reviews, discussions of the criticism Christian fiction receives, dialogues, interviews, discussions on entertainment or whether you or not you have to be "called" to write and a whole lot more I haven't read. On the top of the home page, there's always inspiring quotes by various writers. There's an author bio section where you can learn more about the writers. There's a lot on the sidebar, and one of my favourites there is the list of Recommended Authors.

I love that list because it allows you to browse new authors and link to their sites. I've worked in the book industry for over two years now, and although I'm familiar with a lot, there's a lot more I'm not familiar with. I've read books by several of the authors in that list including Chuck Black, L.B. Graham and Karen Hancock. I'm also familiar with/heard good things about half of the rest of the list and look forward to exploring a lot of those writers.

People may wonder at my choice of fiction. This may sound weird, since I work in the industry, but there's so much out there I have no clue about. I don't read Amish fiction and have never read a single Karen Kingsbury book, although there are titles I want to read by her. For some reason I reach for the fantasy genre, historical fiction or classics.

Speculative fiction carries you into a whole new mystical world, filled with noble men and women, unearthly creatures, and battles between good and evil. It's altogether exhilarating. A lot of what I have read has also had deep spiritual content weaved into the story, that have taught me great lessons and caused me to truly examine my spiritual life. Very often, they have led me to God's throne in prayer.

If you want a change in your reading, try some speculative fiction. Experience something new. Browse the site and be inspired to read and think. Happy reading!


  1. Karen Kingsbury is great though :D

  2. I'm sure it is. And I do want to read some of it yet.